Events and Activities

Speaker Series

Venue: LT2, 11 Woodland Road
All talks are on Wednesdays, 3:00-4:00 PM, unless otherwise specified

Autumn Term
26/10/2022 Dr Darius Wainwright, Bristol, History: ‘Communism Contained? American Values Promoted? The Impact of US Soft Power in Iran, 1953-1960’ (Dr Oliver Kearns, Discussant)
16/11/2022 Dr Misha Ewen, Bristol, History: ‘The Virginia Venture: American Colonization and English Society, 1580-1660, Book Talk,’ (Dr Mark Hailwood, Discussant)
23/11/2022 Prof Rowena Kennedy-Epstein, Bristol, English: ‘Unfinished Spirit: Muriel Rukeyser’s Twentieth Century, Q&A (Dr Karen Skinazi, Discussant)
07/12/2022 Prof Bridget Bennett, Leeds, English: ‘Atlantic World Mobilities: Bad Language, American Hearts, German Tongues’

Winter Term
15/02/2023 Dr Lorenzo Costaguta, Bristol, History *
‘Workers of All Colors Unite: Race and the Origins of American Socialism’
Q&A w/ Dr Su Lin Lewis as discussant
(*Presentation cancelled due to pending industrial action)
15/03/2023 Dr Nathan Cardon, Birmingham, History
‘Racial Capitalism and Empire in the Making of the Modern Bicycle: Rethinking Our Histories of Technology’
(*Presentation cancelled due to pending industrial action)
19/04/2023 Dr Erin Forbes, Bristol, English
‘Criminal Genius in African American and US Literature 1793-1845,’ Book Talk
03/05/2023  – Dr Kate Guthrie, Bristol, Music
‘Dear Mr. Bernstein: Classical Music Fandom in 1960s America’